thank-a-teacherTeachers should really be appreciated every day your children are in school. Just the same, there is one special week each year that is designated for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our children’s lives. It is always the first week in May. This is a great time to go online and use social media to recognize how special your children’s teachers are. You can use the hashtag #ThankATeacher when sharing.

President Obama has given his thanks to his fifth-grade teacher at Punahou School in Hawaii. Besides saying that he credited his education to this teacher as much as he would any institution of higher learner, he also posted his class picture.

There are many ways that you can say “Thank You” online. You can post a picture of yourself or your child with a favorite teacher, past or present. Or you can post a message saying why a teacher was special to you or your child.

If appreciating what a teacher has done for your child or children through social media is not your thing, you or your children can write a note of appreciation to that teacher. And of course, it is possible to give gifts to these special teachers.

Giving gifts to teachers is complicated. How much should you spend? What would the teacher like? The folks at the EdTech startup Front Row Education, Inc. decided to ask K-8 teachers what they prefer to receive from their students, including telling some of their favorite and weirdest gifts. The number one gift was a personalized thank you card, followed by a gift card and a homemade craft. The teachers were not very excited about receiving physical gifts (coffee mugs, picture frames or homemade food.)

The teachers also listed some of the weirdest gifts that they have ever received. We do not advise showing your appreciation by giving them any of these weird gifts:

  1. “An empty Gatorade bottle with a gecko inside”
  2. “Fake poo”
  3. “A nose hair trimmer”
  4. “A live bug.”
  5. “A picture of a Christmas tree in a frame”
  6. “A tee shirt with my photo transferred onto it”
  7. “Enchiladas”
  8. “Matching pajamas with a student”
  9. “On my 50th birthday – 50 rolls of toilet paper”
  10. “Toilet brush set”