You just can’t deny it! Your children need to master math in school. It’s not just so they can get good grades, but also to prepare them for careers in just about every field – especially those in technology.
Unfortunately, many of you may have hated math in school and if you are not careful may pass this view onto your children or even give them the idea that math is an impossibly difficult subject.
Whether you are a math lover or hater, you truly need to involve your children in mathematical activities from the time they are toddlers. This is when the stage is set for an interest in math, and it’s so easy to do. Start your child down the road to mathematical logic by having them sort laundry into piles according to ownership. Give your child pots and pans and encourage them to place smaller containers inside larger ones, and they will be learning to order things. On our website ( you will find loads more appropriate activities by searching for “sorting,” “ordering,” and “set counting.”
It is mindboggling how many things parents can do to use different settings in their homes to encourage an early interest in math. Blocks of different sizes and Legos™ and Dominoes let your children have fun as they are really learning mathematical concepts. Then there are all the games from “Shutes and Ladders™ to Yahtzee™ that encourage the use of numbers.
Math educators encourage the idea of parents presenting age-appropriate puzzles at the dinner table. Just go online and you will be inundated with suggestions. For rather silly riddles and puzzles, go to our website and search for “Riddles and Puzzles.”
As your children get older, find the book Secrets of Mental Math by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer that will teach your children tricks that seem to magically enable them to solve many math problems in their heads.
If you bring math into your children’s lives from grocery shopping trips to allowances to distance traveled on trips, they will learn to reason and problem solve and be ready to move into today’s age of numbers.