Nan ran.
Nan ran and ran.
Nan ran to Dan.

Dan ran.
Dan ran and ran.
Dan ran to Jan.

Your children are young – not yet in school or just entering kindergarten or first grade. They are absolutely determined to learn to read. You want to help them, but how can you teach them to read and make it fun at the same time? Dear Teacher (Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts) have the answer in our Skinny Book Word Family Reader app. The app has 42 stories that use rhyming words that have the same ending sound but a different beginning sound. The app starts out simply with three __an family stories about Nan, Dan, a man and a van. Once they have read these stories, your children will play a game that will ensure that they can really read the story words. After the first nine stories, there is a game for each of the remaining stories. And imagine this, when your children have completed all 42 stories and played the games many times, they will actually be able to read more than 200 words.

Two very special features of this app are that your children can enjoy these stories without constant help from you as they can listen to them being read whenever they wish. Plus at the same time, they will be acquiring a basic knowledge of phonics.

The start of the first story is at the top of this blog. Note how easy it will be for children to read. And right away, they will learn the consonant sounds  d,j, n, r along with the very basic sight words and and to. You can get our Skinny Book Word Family ap by going to our website or the iTunes store.